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Katarina Hans

Katarina Hans is a New Yorg based fashion and graphic designer with a vision to change the way people think about clothing. She is a co-founder of multiple companies that focus on sustainability in the fashion world. She is also the osner of Lotus. Lotus is her own sustainable brand that makes fully waste free yoga mats.

With this course she wants to share her knowledge of designign, branding, production and more... She wants us all to take care of the Earth and eachother!

Founder of
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Why you need to go green today.

Making a sustainable fashion business is not easy but it comes with many benefits to you and the Earth we all live on.

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Eco-friendly clothing is more durable


Cleaner oceans means cleaner air


Reduce Toxic Waste


Reduce Toxic Waste


Eco-friendly clothing is more durable


Cleaner oceans means cleaner air

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